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Mitch Brown

Mitch Brown


Since starting the company at the end of 2016, Mitch has helped grow Fabit into an evolving creative studio, overseeing all aspects of the business and its expansion. Working 18+ hours a day in Fabit’s first 2 years, Mitch definitely doesn’t shy away from hard work and understanding the importence of building strong foundations. Originally imported from the UK in 2012, his passion has always been everything creative. A sucker for the detail, and a perfectionist, Mitch has big ambitions for Fabit. With a team around him that possess a wealth of creative knowledge and drive, 2020 and beyond looks to be an exciting journey ahead.

A massive sports fan, Mitch spends his free time playing football and sprinting, where he often updates the team of semi-made up wonder goals he scored the night before. Also a huge foodie (except cheese).

Lucinda Morris

Head of Photography/2IC

When you’re one of three sisters, you learn a thing or two about teamwork. Lucinda has been an integral part of the Fabit team for the last couple of years. The unintentional ‘mom’ of the group ensures the Fabit ship is steering in the right direction. Lucinda does her best to keep the team on top of their busy work schedules, in-between shooting photos, video, and editing. Multi-Talented in the creative industry would be an understatement, which definitely makes up for her picky coffee requests. Her ‘get-stuff’ done attitude and finesse with a camera work together like a dream: portrait, product or real estate photography – she is a master of them all. Also pretty handy with a drone too.

When this Auckland native is not creating incredible imagery, delivering high-quality videos, or showing off her moon-walking skills, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family and traveling the globe (maybe in 2022?). Humble, (Westy) posh, and one of the Fabit originals.

Lucinda Morris
Annaliese Stringer

Annaliese Stringer

Office Director

The little sister of the team and the glue that keeps everything ticking along, who spends 90% of her time at Fabit HQ. Her multi-tasking and administrative abilities are award-winning (Donna-esque…), and her range of conversation is commendable. Mix in her photo and video editing skills, social media content, and everything else in-between, and we are left with a vital cog to the ever-evolving creative team of Fabit.

Outside of work, Annaliese spends her time mainly with her cats and other furry animals, and occasionally with her fiancee. Ever the bubbly personality (before bubbles were the talk of the town), Annaliese is the energetic force that keeps her elders in the team on their toes.

Wayne Viljoen

Web Guru & Photographer

‘Calm’ would be the understatement of 2020 to best describe Wayne. Website guru and father of 3, he is the salt of the Earth imported from South Africa. His knowledge of anything and everything cameras, tech and nerdy things is the stuff of legends, and he is pretty darn handy with a camera. His 10+ years’ experience in the creative industry adds to Fabit’s pool of talent, whether it be designing a website from scratch, or shooting real estate and portrait photography.

Will never start the roast, but happy to jump in so he doesn’t seem like the bad one, Wayne is the ‘Wise Man’ of the team, but very much a kid at heart. When he’s not at Fabit HQ Wayne spends his free time keeping his 3 kids amused and wife happy. A true driving force in Fabit’s emergence as a Digital Marketing business.

Wayne V
Damien W

Damien Wiehl

Video Editing Connoisseur

The video editing go-to guy, who has a knack for demonstrating exactly what he wants from the camera with questionable movements and body positions. Damien’s sense of urgency is a massive asset to the team, and his editing skills some of the best in the business. An unorthodox creative expert, who still sees the importance of wearing tweed when finishing a 10pm video edit, Damien is very much a maverick in a modern world. Having filmed in Abu Dhabi out of helicopters, Damien understands most things film-related, something that has been massively handy in the growth of Fabit.

Better known for his “dad of the year” award-wining Minecraft cake, and broadway level sashay, Damien brings great character to the team.

Outside of work, Damien loves to go on excursions with his young family around NZ and watch his boy play footy.


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