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Logo animation helps you stand out from the crowd.

Your logo is one of the main assets of your business. A successful logo is visually powerful, easily recognisable, and provides a consistent design theme across the various locations where you advertise or conduct business.

Given its importance – and taking into account the sheer volume of competing logos out there – logo animation can be a great way to separate yourself from the pack. An expertly animated logo helps your website, social media, and promotional videos pack the extra punch and make your business look more polished and professional.

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Why get my logo animated?

A well-designed logo is clearly important for brand awareness, but there are very few ways to ensure that people remember it. Should you simply sit back and wait for it to imprint itself on the minds of potential customers? Not at all. The animation is one of the few ways you can actively speed up the process of logo recognition. A short, clever animation will help your logo become more memorable. It causes the viewer to focus on the logo for a few crucial seconds, rather than simply ignoring it or glancing at it as most people tend to do with regular motionless logos.

We can help.

Alex, our in-house logo animation guru, has been creating professional motion graphics for major New Zealand brands for more than a decade. He’s adept at working with an existing logo to come up with an animation that’s fully consistent with its message. You can check out some samples of his work below.

Considering the impact logo animation can have, it’s relatively inexpensive – and it’s a one-time investment that can be used infinitely in the future. If you’re interested in finding out whether it might be right for you, contact us today!